Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Madness

WHEW! I survived yet another great holiday weekend with family. A lot has happened since last Tuesday, but I think I'm somewhat prepared with updates. Wednesday was my final day of work before Thanksgiving, and I had so much to do that night that I thought my mind would EXPLODE just thinking about it all day. I had to run to mom's to help clean/cook/whatever, and run to Kroger to get some final fixins, and finally get home in time to bake a cheesecake, little smokies, and ham dip.

I was doing well.....until we got home to find that a little mouse had been rummaging through the pans under my oven. :(

This irritates me to no end. I knew that moving to our little old house (built in the 1940s) would come with quirks, but the mouse thing? I can't handle. This lead me to throwing everything on the floor to be cleaned whenever I had time (which didn't happen until Saturday), and bitching about wanting a new house. I got the cheesecake together and in the oven, and finally was finished around 11:30pm. Phew. I got the recipe from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook! This little cutie has recipes dating back to the 1930s--an awesome little find and bridal shower gift from my mama.

I'm happy to report that the Kleypack loved the cheesecake. It was the first one I've ever made. :D

Holidays are always tough, especially being young and married. I'm sure it'll get worse with kids. Matt and I always try to fit in equal amounts of time with both sides of the family, and feelings get hurt here and there, and it's just difficult. This year's Thanksgiving wasn't too horrible, though. Mom ended up having hers yesterday to make up for all the madness on turkey day. I persuaded her not to go all out since she just had hip surgery not too long ago. We went to Mamaw's for a bit, then John and Cindy's. Not too shabby.

Of course, I wrapped up the week with a little Black Friday shopping, but I won't bore you too much with those details, other than apparently people don't get up early and go anymore. Matt, Kaitlyn, and I were up and at it at about 5:30am, and the malls were DEAD. Them crazies out shopping on Thanksgiving night......*smh.* I got some killer deals though!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Miss Bella surely did.

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