Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Mornin' :)

We had a great Christmas this year, though I kept complaining that it really didn't feel like Christmas. Who knows why! It was nice to spend time with family though, as always. Jack and Jordan were here this year for a couple of days. It was good to have them here this time! I miss my big brother.

On Christmas Eve, we had our annual gift exchange at Mamaw's where we all bring a $25 gift and play Dirty Santa. It was a lot of fun! I sacrificed for Matt this year and he was definitely the big winner! He walked away with a utility light and a fold-up dolly. He was pretty happy!

We are really thankful for all the great gifts we received this year. From clothes, to slippers, bags, games, and more! I loved getting a mini-sewing machine from mom and dad, and I can't wait to start playing around with it! I want to learn how to sew, so stay tuned! Matt is loving his new clothes and Kinect! Bella loved getting her Christmas bone from Uncle Tony and Aunt Kenzie. ;) She dressed up for the occasion.

After leaving mom and dad's, we ventured over to Matt's mom and dad's house where we got together with the whole family. Last year, we started a gift exchange that is sort of like the one we do at Mamaw's, but with a twist! We do a $25 gift, and also a $10 silly gift that starts with a particular letter we choose. Last year was F. This year was S. We ended up with a Babycakes Cupcake maker (eek!) and a bottle of Bailey's with two gift cards. As far as the S gift, we ended up with a 2014 'Stache Calendar from Jeff and a Super Mario pillow from Mike, which we ended up giving to Mason anyway. Then....I got an AMAZING gift from mama Cindy. She had mine and Christina's wedding dresses preserved!! I was SO happy and just truly meant a lot to me. So much that I cried, HA. It was so nice.

All in all, Christmas was great. I love spending the time with family. Next, we have New Year's Eve coming up (tomorrow), which of course we will be attending the annual Kleypack PJ party! We always have so much fun. Updates on that to come. :)

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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