Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Cards!

This will be mine and Matt's second Christmas as a married couple, but our first time actually sending Christmas cards! This year, we had some photos done by a friend of mine (see Photo Time!) and then I had my lovely sister-in-law Kenzie create some cards for us. She is an outstanding graphic designer and just started her business, Ivory House Creative. Check them out! They're also on Facebook!

I am absolutely in love with them. Matt and I spent our Friday night stuffing them and addressing them (while also making Christmas sugar cookies and watching Christmas movies), and I can't wait to send them out this week! I think we've definitely found a new tradition to carry on.

These cards are the "It's a Wrap" holiday card from Ivory House Creative, but they also do wedding and shower invites, planning, the whole nine yards! Any event you're planning, I promise you not one detail would be missed. Kenzie is awesome!

Besides that, not much happened this weekend. We helped Matt's brother begin the process of moving this weekend, and tried a pizza from Trish's Cafe in Union, which we've been wanting to try. I give it an A+! Definitely a good pizza. Kind of a cross between Hoagies and Marion's. Yum! We also wrapped most of the Christmas presents, and spent all day Sunday lounging around the house. We took Bella outside to play in all the snow we got Friday, too. She absolutely loved it! Crazy girl.

It was a nice, relaxing weekend. :)

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