Thursday, December 19, 2013

Post-Concert Blues

Howdy :)

Well, that ZBB concert must have been extra spectacular, because I ended up catching a nasty bug the next day. Lunch on Friday was where it all began--aches, fever, chills, ugh. I spent the entire weekend cooped up at home with tea, blankets, and the couch. No over-the-counter remedies were doing the trick, so I took Monday off work to see the doctor. Turns out something has been going around. I decided to take Tuesday off as well seeing as how my cough was still icky and I just wasn't feeling up to par.

I'm feeling much better today, though. Antibiotics and steroids seem to be doing the job. Dad jokes about how it was probably Zac Brown himself who passed along the sickness, and if that's the case, I guess I won't complain. ;) Matt has been a great nurse (duh). Cleaning the house, giving me my meds, catering to my every need. He's a good one, ladies.

Other than doing a little catch-up work from home, I was crocheting like a mad woman while at home sick. I finished two scarves, started a third, whipped up another mug cozy, tried my hand at making two granny star ornaments, and worked on a crochet towel holder (as opposed to the traditional towel topper). I'm starting to love crochet more and more!

Below are the sources/patterns for my recent projects!
    • Mug Hug - Use any color! I did a particular themed mug hug that I won't share for sake of ruining a Christmas gift idea! I didn't make the coaster, just the hug.
    • Towel Holder - I just love this pattern. It's super cute and easy for me since I'm not very good at the traditional crochet-top towel (my mother-in-law is amazing at those). This turned out SO cute.
    • Granny Star Ornament - Took me a minute to figure out the magic ring, but this one turned out okay too! If only I could train myself to crochet a little tighter!
    • Crochet Star Ornament - Be careful, this is a U.K. pattern. I had to be careful with not confusing the stitches! Other than that, this one turned out cute, too.
Once Christmas is over and I'm finished whipping up gift ideas, I plan on starting on some blankets! I started a baby blanket in the fall just to kind of warm up to the idea of crocheting something larger. I have yet to finish it, though, because of all the hype of the holiday season. I can't wait to get back into the swing and finish it up! Then hopefully work on a throw or two for our home. :) Stay tuned!

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