Thursday, October 22, 2015

Baby Bump: 25 Weeks

How Far Along?:  25 weeks and 6 days!!
Size of Baby:  About a foot long and weighing about a pound and a half!
Gender:  Baby K is a BOY!!!!!
Weight Gain:  So far, I'm up about 14 pounds. I think that's good?
Maternity Clothes:  Rockin' 'em like it's my job.
Stretch Marks:  None so far!
Movement:  SO much movement, and I love it. This babe is running out of room, I can tell! I think I might have started feeling some hiccups, too.
Symptoms:  Just back probz. Can't get comfortable in most seats.
Sleep:  Sleeping well, still with 2-3 bathroom trips every night, each followed by 30 minutes of restlessness while I freak out about giving birth or taking care of a tiny human.
Cravings:  Nothing weird. Just sweets. Always.
Nursery:  ALMOST finished, minus a few things we're hoping to receive at my baby shower in a few weeks!
Belly Button in or out?:  In! But slowly creeping outward...
Wedding rings on or off?:  On!
Mood:  Feeling great. Still having spurts of anxiety here and there. I just have to keep chugging along and thinking optimistically and I think we'll be okay.
What I Miss:  Using my somewhat-existent abs to do basic things, like rolling over in bed or getting myself up off a couch. They've disappeared.
Best Moment This Week:  Hearing little babe's heartbeat yesterday at my doctor appointment. I swear, it's so reassuring to know he's still healthy. Mommy loves you, little man.
Looking Forward To:  This weekend! Taking Friday off of work and spending all weekend with Mattycakes. We're going to a nice dinner tomorrow night and then on Saturday, my family is coming over to celebrate my birthday. It should be a great weekend!

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