Thursday, December 10, 2015

Baby Bump: 32 Weeks

How Far Along?:  32 weeks, 6 days! Cue FREAK OUT.
Size of Baby:  Almost 4 pounds, size of a head of lettuce!
Gender:  Baby is a BOY!!!!!
Weight Gain:  Up 26 pounds. We'll see how much more I've gained next week at my next doctor appointment!
Maternity Clothes:  All day, every day.
Stretch Marks:  Nope!
Movement:  Little guy is still a movin' and I'm very thankful he is.
Symptoms:  Recently, it has been restlessness. I wake up frequently during the night and can't get my mind to stop racing!
Sleep:  Frequent wake-ups accompanied by bathroom trips.
Cravings:  None really this week!
Nursery:  Basically finished! Just waiting for a baby. <3
Belly Button in or out?:  Half in, half out!
Wedding rings on or off?:  On!
Mood:  Still so very content and happy. I'm feeling very sentimental lately about all that is to come.
What I Miss:  I could go for a frozen margarita or six...
Best Moment This Week:  I had such a bad Monday. I was stuck in traffic on my way home from work and it took me about an hour to get home. I was so stressed (and hormone-ridden) that I sobbed for the last 15 minutes of it. I finally walked in the door and Matt helped me take my stuff, take off my shoes, and just hugged me. It's amazing how he instantly makes me feel better without making me feel like a crazy person!
Looking Forward To:  This weekend! Baby class all day on Saturday, and maternity photos on Sunday! EEK!

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