Thursday, December 3, 2015

Baby Bump: 31 Weeks

How Far Along?:  31 weeks, 6 days! WHAT.
Size of Baby:  About 17 inches, over 3 pounds! And growing so much more every week.
Gender:  Baby is a BOY!!!!!
Weight Gain:  Up a whopping 26 pounds now. Thanksgiving may or may not have thrown me over the edge (I gained 4 pounds in a week).
Maternity Clothes:  DUH.
Stretch Marks:  None yet, but my belly is getting itchier with the cold weather, so I'm keeping that belly butter handy.
Movement:  I thought he was a mover before... SHEESH. My, oh my, this boy can now keep me up at night with his moving! I'm so happy, though. I just want him to stay healthy, and I know he's running out of room, so if that means jabbing your foot in mommy's rib, well.... okay then.
Symptoms:  Still feeling the joys of what seems like hip dislocation,
Sleep:  Nightly wakings are becoming more and more frequent. This must be my body preparing me for upcoming sleepless nights...
Cravings:  This week, it's SUGAR. Probably because I've been drinking more pop than I ever have before. Bad, mommy.
Nursery:  Basically finished! Just waiting for a baby. <3
Belly Button in or out?:  Half in, half out!
Wedding rings on or off?:  On!
Mood:  So content and so happy. I pray this babe stays healthy and in my belly until January!
What I Miss:  Rolling over in bed with ease. :)
Best Moment This Week:  Learning that my high blood pressure last week was just a random fluke. My bloodwork all came back normal so luckily, everything is still going smoothly.
Looking Forward To:  Next weekend! We have an all-day baby class on Saturday, and then maternity pictures on Sunday.

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