Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Newest Love: Embroidery

Why good afternoon, sweets!

I seem to be in a good mood today, despite the fact that we are currently living through some of the coldest temperatures ever here in Ohio. Last night, it got down into the negatives with a wind chill of -30 or something absurd like that. Matt, Bella, and I went and shacked up with my parents for the night. Poor Woodhaven just can't cut it when it gets that cold. Seriously, though....spring NEEDS to get here NOW.

On another note, I'm VERY excited about my latest venture!

I went to my favorite little fabric store, Hancock Fabrics, last week just to peruse and pick up a skein of yarn to make another soft scarf for my Mamaw. And of course, like every hobby I pick up, I became interested looking at books of cross stitch and embroidery. I held off buying until I did some research. To make a somewhat long story short, my latest obsession has been embroidery! I've been searching like crazy for some super cute patterns and such, but no worries, I'm definitely not that great at it yet. Here is one of my first two projects. I found this pattern from The Wild Olive and I just love it, along with her blog. What do you think? Not too shabby.

I plan to hang it up somewhere in my cube at work! :D I still need to iron it and frame it and all of that. And of course, I'm sorry for the absolute horrible quality of my photos. My phone camera is seriously the worst.

I have a few other patterns that I'm SUPER excited to try. EEK!

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