Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spring Dreaming

Hey there!

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted, and unfortunately not many exciting things have been going on. It is January, after all. -_- Which only means I've been wearing my grumpy pants for the last 22 days. Those that know me well know that I am NOT a fan of winter. I would very much rather be s-w-e-a-t-i-n-g in the summer heat than being cold. And right now, temperatures here in Ohio are in the negatives. I can't handle it, and neither can my little house. :( Matt and I live in a little old house that is heated only by two little gas heaters (very old school). A couple of space heaters and tons of blankets carry us through the winter. I can't wait to eventually move. I hope we can mayyyyybe start looking this summer when Matt finishes nursing school!

I've still been finishing up a few lingering crochet projects, including an extra-wide scarf for my mom's birthday, another scarf for Mamaw (she loved the one I made her for Christmas!), a hat for Matt, and a scarf for myself (which has been on the backburner). Once I finish all of that up, I reeeeally want to finish the baby blanket I've been working on since, err, early fall 2013.

My most recent endeavor has been learning how to knit! Okay, not really. I got together last night with a few girls I work with for a "Crafter Work" party to learn Knitting 101, and I must say, it is NOTHING like crochet! I thought I'd be able to pick it up quickly but the two-needle thing throws me way off. I may try to pick it back up in the future, but as of now I don't know if it's for me! I definitely need some practice!

Another project of mine on the backburner has been sewing. I got a mini sewing machine for Christmas that I really want to break out. There are some small mending projects I want to start and maybe a few small custom projects. If only I didn't have to work five days a week! Wishful thinking.

All I have been thinking about lately is how excited I am for spring, and how I can't wait for the day that I get to go to the nursery and pick out this year's flowers to plant in my flower boxes. Makes me so happy. :)

Only 56 days until spring!

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