Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Hey there, friends. :)

So I don't have any photos to show this year's Thanksgiving, but it was a nice time with family for sure. Matt had to work Thanksgiving so that was a huge bummer. :/ I hate waking up alone on holidays. Just doesn't seem right. It was nice having 5 straight days off of work, though!

I got up and headed over to Matt's parents house to drop off my broccoli casserole and deviled eggs for them to gobble up for their meal. Then, I shot over to Mamaw's for an hour or so just to visit since I hadn't seen her in a while! Finally, I got over to mom and dad's and enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal with the family. Turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, broccoli casserole, corn casserole, oh was so delish.

My final stop for the day was back to Matt's mom and dad's house where I waited for Mattycakes to get off work (about 7:30). Ugh, nurse life. We had some more food (ugh) and of course dessert and just hung around in a food coma. Overall, it was a nice day. Wish the hub could have been there.

On Black Friday, I did a little shopping with Matt and my two sisses-in-law, then went to the Hara Arena Gift/Craft Show where I got a cute little ornament and a welcome lantern for my front porch. Love! The rest of the weekend, we just hung around and spent time with family.

Cute craft show find!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! Let Christmas time begin! :)

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