Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Cards 2015

Before the holiday season completely engulfs me and I end up with zero time for blogging, today I thought I'd share this year's Kley family Christmas cards!

Of course, these were crafted and created by the one and only Kenzie Phillips of Ivory House Creative. Who other than my lovely sis-in-law would I entrust with my freakin' Christmas cards?? ;) Seriously, GO check her out! She is an incredibly talented designer with so much to offer.

Photo courtesy of Ivory House Creative. :)
Now, not only did I get some fabulous custom Christmas cards, but I also got these amazing envelopes with liners to put the finishing touch on my cards. Yep, Kenzie does those, too! And, as another plus, my cards were double-sided this year to add to all the Christmas amazingness.

Front! Look at my girl.

And back!

Our photographs this year were taken by the fabulous Jessica Strong of Jessica Strong Photography at the Charleston Falls Reserve close to home. I LOVE how they turned out and was surprised she was able to even get a good shot with Bella acting like a wild child!

I love my little family, and am feeling more grateful than ever for them in my life (yep, including my dog baby).


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