Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Time is Happy Time

I guess I can't contain my excitement for spring any longer....

I think it was definitely the terrible, awful winter we had this year that has made this spring about a zillion times better than ever before. Our temperatures up here have finally reached the 60s, which is a celebration in my neck of the woods. Not to mention, there are a lot of things in store for this month...I can't wait!

I've been a little slow at blogging this week. I've been really busy at work (applying for a promotion, wish me luck!) and am helping my mom plan a (shhhh!) surprise 50th birthday party for my daddy this weekend!! I've tried to keep my mouth shut up to this point, but since I'm fairly certain he doesn't read this blog, I'll go ahead and unleash the secret! Here's a little snippet of the invites my sister-in-law made! You've gotta check out her work over at Ivory House Creative. She does wedding invites, stationery, announcements, and more!

I'm so excited to start prepping food and decorations for the party this weekend! Stay tuned next week for an update with photos! :)

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  1. Hi Shannon!

    I've been "blurking" (blog lurking) around your little space of internet & I just love your blog! Plus, I think you're in Ohio? I am too! I'm in a suburb of Columbus! But the real reason I’m contacting you is to nominate you for a Liebster Award. Have you heard of it before? You may have since you’ve been blogging for so long. But if not, no worries… I didn’t know what it was either when I was nominated! Anyway, could you send me your email address and I'll give you more details? I poked around and couldn't find your email address anywhere. Sorry! Here's mine: NearlyHandmade AT gmail DOT com Hope to hear from you soon!! Janice