Monday, January 23, 2017

Baby Bump #2: 15 Weeks

Just a fun little bumpdate on baby number two!

How Far Along?:  15 weeks and 2 days.
Size of Baby:  About 4 inches, the size of a sweet little pear.
Gender:  Don't know yet! Doctor is making me wait until I'm 20 weeks along, so our ultrasound is scheduled for March 1st! Worst waiting game ever.
Weight Gain:  I was down about 7 pounds at my last appointment. Haven't weighed myself recently but my hunch is that I've gained at least a couple of pounds!
Maternity Clothes:  I've busted out a few maternity shirts this week. :)
Stretch Marks:  Just oldies making a comeback. Yay.
Movement:  Not yet! Patiently waiting for this. I love the constant reassurance that little babe is doing well. Praying every day.
Symptoms:  The hunger has hit me hard. I feel like I'm eating so much all the time and if I don't, I feel starving! But hey, that's part of the beauty of pregnancy. ;)
Sleep:  Sleeping really well, with vivid dreams, and nightly trips to the bathroom.
Cravings:  Pretty much anything... sweets, pizza, mac and cheese, pasta in general, Chipotle, I could go on forever!
Nursery:  Is currently a guest room that needs a MAJOR overhaul!
Belly Button in or out?:  In!
Wedding rings on or off?:  On!
Mood:  Generally happy, with a touch of worry. I'm ready to feel this little one move around in my belly! Also, trying to come to terms mentally and emotionally that my baby Jackson will be one this coming weekend. :(
What I Miss:  Nothing at all right now!
Best Moment This Week:  Matt giving my belly a little rub goodbye on his way to work this morning. Love that man.


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