Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hooded Cowl

October has, for the most part, been a fun month. I'm happy to report that my crocheting itch is back and in full swing, which is one of the reasons why. It just feels better doing it when the weather cools down, ya know what I'm sayin'? Here is my latest project I finished last night. Took me about two weeks to complete (not focusing tons of effort every night).

It's a fun crochet hooded cowl! And although Matt thinks it's dorky, I'm loving it. He just doesn't understand. :P

I got the pattern from the lovely Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me. I'm telling you, the amounts of patterns I've pinned from this girl are endless. She's so talented and I'm always excited to see what she comes up with next! You can find the pattern here! It's super easy to follow.

For this cowl, I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn in Wheat.

So, one thing I've noticed is that I must have crocheted a little bit tighter than Sarah. My hood ended up longer (taller?) and I had to add a few rows in order for it to fully cover my head....and I have a small head, let me tell ya. It's cool, though. I usually find myself trying to crochet in a more relaxed manner but it never happens! Womp.

And, probably for that reason, I was a little forced to flip the bottom up a bit to wrap nicely around my neck. Nonetheless, I think it turned out nice!

If you can half double crochet, you can make this awesomely warm hooded cowl. :)


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