Monday, February 24, 2014

New Projects

Hey there!

There's so much in store for the coming weeks! I'm ready for February to end and spring to begin. Matt's birthday is coming up in March and dad's in the beginning of April, then Matt's graduation (FINALLY) at the end of April! AH! I'm so excited. He has an interview tomorrow for a nursing position post-graduation that I have no doubt he'll land. I'm ready for him to start living life a little more rather than living school! I'm also hoping that maybe, just maayyybeee we can start house hunting! :D

This weekend was really nice. Did a little bit of shopping on Friday and Saturday and did some wreath-making with mom. Saturday night, Matt and I took my parents to dinner at Double Days (soooo good) and did some thrifting at Home to Home in Centerville. For a few months now, I've been dying to go to IKEA because I've been looking for a jewelry armoire of some sort. You just can't find them anymore, and if you can, they're usually made with super cheap material. Well, I scored an awesome one at Home to Home!! It was $60 and for the storage and features I have with it, I thought it was a great deal.

I really love the vintage look. The top closes with the mirror folding inside. Just LOOK at all those hooks for long necklaces! AH! I'm actually planning on cleaning it up a bit with some paint and new inside lining once it gets a little warmer outside. Matt says I'm crazy to paint it, but I don't care. It's old and just needs a little sprucing. I'm so excited for this project!! Finally, a place to put all my jewelry that is scattered throughout my house.

I've also been working on a few crochet projects as well. More on that to come! Sunday was spent with mom at a family friend's bridal shower, and I wrapped up the evening with the Kleypack at John and Cindy's for dinner. It was a nice, relaxing weekend...maybe just a tad too short. Sigh.

Warm weather can get here NOW, please! Anyone agree?


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