Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello World!

Welcome to my very first blog! (Exciting stuff, I know). This is more or less a way for me to have a virtual journal for personal use, where I can document all of the upcoming journeys of my life and perhaps share with the world some of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I hope you enjoy, if you're out there reading. :)

I will probably update this a few times a week with information and random happenings as they happen. I will warn you, though. I am no literary genius. I will probably make some kind of grammatical error here and there, and sarcasm can be too familiar a friend to me, but I'm not here to offend anyone! I just think it will be "cool" to see my life unfold via blog. Yep, that's a digital marketer talking.

Oh, and a quick PSA: If all the pink and girly-ness of my blog bothers you, well I can't say that I'm all that sorry. I am floral-obsessed, and this just may be the one place I can be free and open about it...because I don't know how happy my husband would be with a pink house. :D

Take a look around, and feel free to share your thoughts below! More content to come. :)

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